Activities and Facilities At a time only one group for night


Agricultural Activity

  • Peeling Coconuts.
  • Harvesting agricultural Product(prior permission)
  • Watering plants through Canals, pruning, spraying.
  • Visiting katkari wadi, rice processing unit, brick making unit (depending on season & accessibility)
  • Information of all type of crops available on site on display media & escorted field trip

Fun Activity

  • Hammock
  • Fun in Haud)
  • Cycling
  • Camp fire in winter
  • Barbeque
  • Bhavra
  • Marbles
  • Viti dandu
  • Kite
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Swing
  • Slide

Adventure Activity

  • Tyre Swing
  • Platform Walk
  • Swing walk
  • Parallel Traverse
  • Net climbing commando net
  • Balancing walk
  • Australian walk

Bhavra/ / Cycling activities not for school picnic. During rainy season all farm activities/facilities are not accessible, due to weather condition, we feel very sorry for inconvenience.


Family Leisure

The urban population has one thing common that is they are nuclear families and they always looking for functions where they can meet one other, share past mem ories and telling latest happening. Even family members otherwise busy with their routines, but here we offered you a peaceful and scenic place to interact one to on e. Instead of celebrating your family function in close air conditioned hall, give som ething new to your guest ,Let us chalk out your program like birthday, mangalagur, party, bhishi, family get together etc. with us

Nature Orientation Trails / Campse

Many organizations, schools, camping institutions and voluntary organizations need a live site to educate their target groups about Nature and Environment. Teachers and facilitators are always on the lookout for a working example of what they teach as theory. At Tulsi’s we have large spectrum of biodiversity, even with a 1-day tour or trail, you will learn about local flora & fauna, the intricate relationship between agriculture and environment.

Get around then relax at us

As we have lots of destination in our nearby surrounding (please go through ‘Around Tulsi’s section) most of our visitors prefer to visit them then be at Tulsi’s for lunch or dinner or even for night stay. For mount climbers, trackers the places like The Matheran range, Chanderi , Tavli are ideal sites for their activity, such adventure oriented peoples prefer to sleep in their own camping tent around the camp fire arranged in our premises.

Accommodation details

The residence bungalow have 4 bed room , each with capacity of 5-6 persons, the allocation of room or entire bungalow is depend on number of member in your group and decided by management .The bungalow have 2 bathroomand 2 extra bathroom near dining area in premises. During day tour if customer need room /entire bunga low that will charge separately.

Food details

We offer limited food package. Both vegetarian, Jain(large group), non-vegetarians food are available. Veg Meals in the provided 'package' include Maharashtrian food (Salad, Papad, two vegetable preparations, Chapati/bhakri/puri, Dal, Rice, and sweet (LIMITED), pickle, chatni only). For non vegetarian -chicken with gravy + chicken without gravy ,salad, bhakri /chapti,rice only.