Terms & Conditions At a time only one group for night

Terms & Conditions

  • Tulsi is agrotourism centre is not a star rated property, whatever the amenities, are according to Agro tourism.
  • For booking it is mandatory to understand actual site and ok with the terms & conditions.
  • All Guests must carry identification proof.
  • Driver: 350/day (breakfast+lunch+tea), 850 Rs (for night stay), (no bedding should provide.)
  • Children below 4 years have no charge for food and facility.For Children (5 To 10 Years) 20% reduction on all packages.(this concession is not valid for nursery & school picnic)
  • Non-veg preparation that will serve only once in any package, you will tell us in advance which serving time will be best for you.(lunch or dinner.) .Please tell us before your arrival (24hrs before),about how many members are vegetarian and non vegetarian for lunch or dinner.
  • Food served in Buffet system only and at specified serving area, we don’t provide room service.
  • Your presence should not bother our other guest, nearby land lord and villagers; we expect gentle behavior of our guest.
  • We don’t provide housekeeping during your stay.
  • Park car on your own risk.
  • Mosquito coil is provided but mosquito or insect repellents can be useful for extra precautions.
  • Resident guests are requested to take care of room keys; we are not responsible for any type of theft of your personal belonging.
  • In case any breakages or loss to the Property, charges would be levied on the customers.
  • As we don’t allow entering in river, we have ‘HAUD’filled with river water. Diving in “haud’ is strictly prohibited. During your booking period we allow to enter in Haud only once,either 1st or 2nd day of your package.
  • Only trained swimmer must enter in Haud, care of children must be taken by their parents/guardian.
  • Management will not be responsible for the loss of any personal belongings.
  • As this site is in village and adjacent to Forest, power cut off due to weather condition or load shading is so obvious. In the event of power cut, limited power back-up shall be provided, during such case, all light arrangement in the premises won’t be operational. Inconvenience is sincerely regretted.
  • Person who is signing /making the booking will be taken as an authorized person of the particular group. His signature will be representation of all the group members and applies to all the personnel in the group.
  • Kindly inform about the place and where you are going to your group hence all the guest know what to expect, and where you are going.
  • We try our level best to make your stay comfortable, but being a rural area it is not possible to serve you the best of the comforts and services, hence we expect guest to cooperate.
  • One booking made it is not cancelled if any member is absent
  • Prises subject to change without prior notice
  • Management not responsible for any accident
  • Any complaint, case suit or application shall be filled ,entertain within the juridiction of ulhasnagar court taluka ambernath or kalyan court