About Tulsi's farm
At a time only one group for night

Our centre is spread over 20 acres and only 7.5 Km that is 15 min. by road transport from the main city (Badlapur). We have gifted with nature’s beautiful combination of Ulhas river on east and mountain ranges of Aravli (Matheran) on west which are spread from Hajimalang to Bhivpuri. Tulsi’s can be your home away from home. It’s not a resort but all the facilities required for our day to day life are provided. We have put here all necessary information regarding cultivation of crops, different activities happens here on flex media that will accomplish the demand of college and school study tours.

Rural sports like ‘Bhavra’, Marbles, kite , ‘Lagori’ , ‘chappi pani’, ‘viti dandu’ are not even known by today’s generation , and for those who want to feel the childhood ,we are here to serve you. Be a ‘FARMER FOR ONE DAY’ by participating in our day to day field activity like watering, pruning, plucking fruits, spraying , preparing irrigation channels etc. As far as the vegetation is concern, here we have lots of things…. Our major plantation is mangoes it include varieties like Hapus,Keshar, Payari, Totapuri,badami,batli etc. plus other major plantation of chikkoo. We also have papaya, jackfruit, Coconut, , Jam (Love Apple), Cashew, Teak, banana,supari,curry leafs , spice plants like tamalpatri,dalchini.etc.. Also many varieties of Ayurvedic Herbal plantations as Adulsa, rudraksha ,bhadraksha , sarpagandha.etc..Our farm bungalow is especially for joint families. It can accommodate 28 peoples at a time comfortably. During cold nights having dinner under moon light with your loved one, is irrevocable experience of your life. An institution searching for a place to organize nature orientation camp, or just a family or group of friends looking for a relaxing weekend get- together, Tulsi’s is perfect place where your search ends.